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AMLETO Reviews

Joshua Kohl

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"...the strong, ringing, Italianate voice of the terrific Joshua Kohl as an Amleto who’s the archetypal angry young man of Italian opera."

A lost ‘Hamlet’ opera’s revival offers two happy endings

The Washington Post

"Most characters have good soliloquy moments, but the title role is a star maker, to which OperaDelaware's Joshua Kohl brought a hard-to-match standard of unself-conscious charisma. He was all you'd want in a spoken Hamlet, but with a gleaming, mid-weight tenor voice that filled all vocal nooks and crannies."

OperaDelaware's Barrese resurrects Faccio's 'Hamlet'

The Philadelphia Inqurier

"Amleto (Hamlet) was sung by tenor Joshua Kohl, whose thrilling rendition of Hamlet’s central soliloquy, “Essere o non essere! (To be or not to be!),” brought down the house. The role demands exceptional singing and acting to power the Prince’s tempestuous trajectory, and Kohl delivered a characterization of both heft and heartbreak."

OperaDelaware's ‘Amleto’ riveting, unforgettable

The News Journal - DelawareOnline

"First and foremost I must report that tenor Joshua Kohl was a tremendous Amleto (Hamlet). Beautiful singing throughout, powerful stage presence, gripping characterization are just some of the accolades I could shower on this gifted young singer. The aria after the ghost of his father implores Amleto to avenge his murder was a wonder."

Essere o non essere - questo è il problema


"Joshua Kohl gave a star-making performance, tireless to the last, intimate and passionate. He bounded about the set in Amleto’s “antic” moods, with lyric, wooing phrases for his duets, and he’s slim and easy on the eyes."

This is the very ecstasy of love

parterre box

"Tenor Joshua Kohl was as valiant and sensitive a Hamlet as anyone could hope for."

'Brilliant' debut of two Shakespearean operas in Delaware