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319 Broadway N, #201
Fargo, ND 58102

Arthur - Lucie de Lammermoor


Lucie | Tracy Dahl
Edgard | Yasu Nakajima
Henri | Gaetan Laperriere
Arthur | Joshua Kohl
Raymond | David Cushing
Gilbert | Alan Schneider



“As Edgard, tenor Yasu Nakajima is a cipher, He has a sweet, small, soft-focus voice, cottony in timbre; there is no ring hin his singing and he never communicates emotion of any kind. Both of the supporting tenors – Joshua Kohl as the unlucky bridegroom and Alan Schneider as the villain – have stronger voices, and they both deliver their messages.” – Boston Globe

“Tenor Joshua Kohl (Arthur Bucklaw)…gave good vocal and dramatic value.” - Boston Phoenix

"...Joshua Kohl showed off a fine lyric tenor in the expanded role of Arthur..." - The Patriot Ledger