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319 Broadway N, #201
Fargo, ND 58102

Nanki-Poo - The Mikado


Conductor | Mark Ferrell
Director | William Theisen

Nanki-Poo | Joshua Kohl
Ko-Ko | Robert Gibby Brand
Yum-Yum | Sarah Jane McMahon
Katisha | Denyce Graves
The Mikado | Dale Travis
Poo-Bah | David Kravitz
Pish-Tush | Chris Carr
Pitti-Sing | Elizabeth Tredent
Peep-Bo | Etta Fung



"Tenor Joshua Kohl plays the love-struck Nanki-Poo, wandering minstrel and secret heir to the throne of Japan. Kohl’s voice is agile, clear, and rich, and his earnest portrayal of Nanki-Poo makes the character less ridiculous than he could be, which felt like a very successful interpretation in the context of this production." - KC Metropolis

"Most of the cast made their Lyric Opera debuts Saturday night. Tenor Joshua Kohl (Nanki-Poo) and soprano Sarah Jane McMahon (a spunky Yum-Yum) were sweetly matched, vocally and personality-wise, and delightful in their duet." - The Kansas City Star

"Joshua Kohl was a brazen Nanki-Poo, with an excellent lyric tenor voice that features truly honest high notes." - The KC Independent