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Fargo, ND 58102

Macduff - Macbeth


Conductor | Joseph Rescigno
Director | Stephanie Sundine

Macbeth | Louis Otey
Lady Macbeth | Brenda Harris
Macduff | Joshua Kohl
Banquo | Young Bok Kim



"Tenor Joshua Kohl's brief stage time as Macduff provided an energetic spark. During "Ah, la paterna mano," his voice soared, unrestrained and emphatic, as he vowed to free the oppressed peasants." - Opera News

"But it is the Tenor vocals of Macduff, which are provided by Joshua Kohl that really steal the show. Kohl’s solo is late into the opera, but when he opens his mouth to sing after his family has been killed, and Scotland is on the brink of destruction and its people are dressed in rags and despair, chills travel up the spine and you are lost in the enchanting spell that Kohl vocally weaves." -

"Joshua Kohl nearly steals the show with his impassioned portrayal of Macduff. The young tenor brings a jolt of urgency to every scene he's in, and the aria in which Macduff expresses his grief over his family's murder is arguably the emotional high point of the evening." - The Salt Lake Tribune

"At times, moments of tenderness surprise and are all the sweeter for their appearance, most notably when tenor Joshua Kohl’s Macduff sings with exquisite sadness of the loss of his wife and children to the tyrant’s bloodthirsty sword." - Salt Lake City Weekly

"...the true wonder here is the masterful depth of Harris’, Otey’s and Kohl’s performances." - Salt Lake City Weekly