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319 Broadway N, #201
Fargo, ND 58102

Edgardo - Lucia di Lammermoor


Conductor | Joseph Mechavich
Director | Kathleen Clawson

Lucia | Angela Mortellaro
Edgardo | Joshua Kohl
Enrico | Lee Poulis
Raimondo | Matthew Burns
Arturo | Matias Mariani



"Joshua Kohl's Edgardo added a handsome presence to the duo — a most attractive pair of lovers. Kohl's bright, brilliant tenor was stunningly effective..."

"Kohl offered a brilliant, fiery performance in the second half of the show, thrillingly sung with plenty of slancio and squillo." - Opera News

"The first act love scene made you melt. The lover Edgardo, Joshua Kohl, won Lucia's heart and troth, as well as those of every woman in the audience."

"In the final scene, Edgardo confronts the death of Lucia and brings the opera to its tragic conclusion. Joshua Kohl sang the aria "Fra poco a me ricovero" and its powerful cavatina to winning perfection." - The Oakwood Register